High Precision Terahertz Spectroscopy & Microscopy

The last twenty years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the field of terahertz (THz) frequency science and engineering, which has matured into a vibrant international research area.

However, despite this success, a cursory comparison with the neighbouring microwave and optical regions of the spectrum reveals that terahertz science and technology is still in its infancy.  In particular, the field lacks precision spectroscopy instrumentation, the ability to perform microscopy and analysis below the diffraction limit, and also lags in the fields of non-linear spectroscopy and coherent control, where powerful and controlled pulses of electromagnetic radiation interact with matter and manipulate its properties.

The HyperTerahertz programme aims to fill these gaps in THz capabilities and accellertate the addoption of THz technologies through the development of new instrumentation and novel applications.

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